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Opening Season Starts
Friday, September 15th

Lurked deep in the haunted hills of Kentucky now resides your worse nightmares, childhood fears, and pure horror. Hill of Terror is the largest haunted attraction in Kentucky and is considered one of the scariest farms. According to the locals, screams can be heard from miles away and are rumored to be from those visiting or from the ghost trapped here of the decades of possessed spirits. Generations of families have lived here, and generations of spirits still reside here; like "The Conjuring," this farm is a place of fear. Many say the movie "Children of the Corn" comes to mind with the desolate fields, creaking barns, and terrifying scarecrows sinister. An Exorcism can't rest the strange events, creepy chants, voices, and screams. Your fears of clowns, chainsaws, and horror movies live in deep dark woods waiting for you.

If you come looking for a scare, you won't be disappointed and won't sleep tonight either!

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